Matter is a 3D first person, physics based puzzle platformer. Matter was developed by a team of 6 students studying at Qantm College in Brisbane over the period of 24 weeks. I was one of two programmers on this project.

Matter is set within a mysterious underground compound and allows the player the freedom to approach each level however they wish. Puzzles are solved using resizable blocks of “matter” of which there are four variations; heavy, bouncy, slippery and zero-gravity. Matter blocks created by the player can have their colour changed at any time, from any distance. Puzzles in Matter challenge the player to think  carefully about how these different physics behaviours interact with each other, and the elements in their environments.

Matter was created using OGRE for rendering, and the Bullet physics engine, and entirely written in C++. The levels were created by our design team using our custom Level Editor. My main responsibilities on this project were:

  • Development of the Level Editor
  • Creating and managing the asset pipeline
  • Developing the base systems: application, GUI interactions, audio.
  • Performance optimisations, including a Portal connected Zone renderer.
  • Contributing to core game design.

Matter is available for free download, by clicking here.

You can contact me at

Below is some media from the game.

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