Fugue State

Fugue State is a 2D puzzle platformer created by a team of 3 programmers during their first year of study. It was created during the Qantm Games Competition which ran for one week, which equated to about 40 working hours per team member. Fugue State tied for first place in this competition.

In Fugue State, the player tries to reach the end of each level. To do this, he must avoid being crushed between platforms, or being killed by spikes. The player has the power make certain platforms move relative to himself, on order to change the structure of a room. The player also has a certain number of powers available, which include anti-gravity, phasing through walls, and pushing extremely heavy objects. The design brief for this game, as part of the competition, was to somehow include the three theme words: which were “relative”, “opposite” and “forgetful”.

Fugue State was made using SFML and C++. It features a level editor as part of the game, and has 5 slots into which a player can save a custom level, which can then be played. Fugue State can be downloaded here.

You can contact me at jonoscottnz@gmail.com.

Below are some screenshots. Please note that the character used was not created by any team member. Being programmers, we lacked the artistic ability to draw an animated character and so used a free one. The character is actually Gabe from Penny Arcade.

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